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The story behind Letter To Europa


Our love letter to Europe


We worked with Scots Singer of the Year Iona Fyfe, and the last 2 BBC Young Trad Musicians of the Year (Michael Biggins on piano & Ali Levack on whistles) to reimagine Letter From America for 2020's Scotland.

We turned it into a love letter to Europe. And we reflect on the 3 most common things we hear in Scotland today: 

"We just want to be normal". 

On how, since Brexit, musicians can't tour, students are torn out of Erasmus, world class exporters can't export.

And being a patient neighbour, from Islay to Iceland to Islington & beyond.

So, we wrote a love letter about it 

Our thanks to Stewart Bremner of for the artwork

Thanks to Chris Waite (Mastering) and Pablo Lafuente, who recorded the track for us at Grans House Studio, Scotland.

Thanks also to the Proclaimers & Warner Chappell publishing; & to Connected Influence video who produced the video.